Digital Enablement Services

Educating and empowering your organization for sustainable digital success

Customers’ and employees’ digital expectations are higher than ever before and mobile has revolutionized the way organizations go to market and connect with people. Technology continues to move along at the speed of light and chances are your people are struggling to keep up.

Introducing Cynergy’s Digital Enablement Services. By combining a trusted digital partner with expert coaching, education, proven processes, and leave–behind tools, we can help you make your organization digitally self–sustainable.

“Building and delivering great mobile experiences will be the beating heart of your customer engagement strategy for the next 10 years. The challenge of making a simple, intuitive app that fronts a complex system of engagement will stretch the abilities and swamp the resources of most firms.”

Wanted: Mobile Engagement Providers

Forrester Research, Inc. | August 6, 2013

Enabling Your Organization

The ability to create game–changing digital experiences is a ubiquitous and elusive goal in business today. Consistently creating great digital experiences is more than dogmatic philosophy or methodology. Reliably moving key performance indicators across many projects comes down to people, approach, education, and tools.

The People

Let us help you assess your digital talent and if we find gaps we’ll help you identify who to hire. Then we’ll show you how to structure your teams.

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The Approach

We’ll help you embed our approach to digital projects inside your organization–a proven, repeatable process that has been honed for the past 18 years.

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The Education

We will teach you and your organization to become fully digitally enabled through one–on–one interaction with our digital experts, access to in–depth content, and easy to use, powerful tools.

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The Tools

We’ll give you the templates, frameworks, and collaborative tooling to help your teams actually do the work–throughout the life of a project.

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The Digital Enablement Services (DES) Engagement

The goal of every DES engagement is to educate and empower your team so they can fully take over leadership and execution of digital projects within three quarters. We’ll do this in the context of several of your digital/mobile projects working directly with your team members.

The benefit? Your teams not only learn our methodology and tools side–by–side alongside our experts, but because they learn on actual projects, at the end of the engagement you will have one fully deployed digital experience, a second experience ready to be deployed, and a third experience that is in development and in your now–capable team’s hands.

Below is an illustration of the transition from Cynergy–led projects to client-led projects all the way through full Digital Enablement. The red reflects Cynergy’s involvement while the blue reflects your team gradually assuming full leadership. Even when your organization becomes digitally–enabled and self–sufficient, we will continue to be available for coaching and hands–on assistance on mission–critical projects.

“CEOs are turning to CIOs and IT leaders to help transform customer experiences through digital technologies. And strategic CX transformations will require changes in IT and deep into the technology stack.”

IT’s Role in Winning Customer Experience

Forrester Research, Inc. | August 5, 2013


Get started today by bringing almost two decades of digital experience expertise in–house. We will help you build your own Centers of Excellence and help your internal teams build transformative digital experiences. Let’s talk.

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