Journey Mapping Engagements

Putting the Customer at the Center of your Business

The complex dynamics of customer and employee engagement are critical to differentiating your brand, creating exceptional customer experiences, and driving bottom–line results.

Mobile digital experiences enable customers and employees to engage with your company regardless of where they are, or what part of the customer journey they are in–any time, in their moments of greatest need. A Journey Map is one of our most powerful tools to identify areas where the right digital experience, at the right time, can greatly enhance a customer’s or employee’s engagement with your brand. A Journey Map also helps identify friction points throughout the journey that, when eliminated, can produce significant returns to the business.

“Executives sometimes question whether the time and money needed to create personas and customer journey maps are worthwhile. In projects that determine the future of products and channels, customer experience professionals should argue that thorough research with real customers and well–crafted tools to socialize the insights are essential to avoid costly failures.”

Five Creative Approaches For Using Personas And Customer Journey Maps Effectively

Forrester Research, Inc. | April 24, 2012


The example below illustrates a frequent flyer’s journey with an airline. The callouts detail examples of a frequent flyer’s needs and desires along each stage of their airline experience. These needs and desires are actually very important opportunity areas for airlines to be more engaged with their most profitable customers.

  • 1. PLANNING Quick booking of favorite routes and upgrade availability
  • 2. PRE–FLIGHT Easy access to gate assignments, schedules, maps and real–time security line wait times
  • 3. BOARDING Personalized mobile alerts for boarding calls and estimated travel time to gates given current location
  • 4. IN–FLIGHT Flight attendant knowledge of preferences – Do not disturb, drink and food choices
  • 5. POST–FLIGHT Mobile Customs forms, local map access, and transportation options ranked by time and cost


We focus on your business, making sure we co–create the right map to deliver to you the right returns. At the end of the engagement, we will identify the areas of greatest impact for your customers and your business, and provide a plan for achieving the identified goals.

There are several approaches we can use depending on your current situation; ranging from a Process Map to a full, 3D Customer + Employee Journey Map including Technology Insights; but the first step always starts with validating your research and augmenting it with our understanding of human behavior, or conducting some level of research for you.


Our 3D Journey Map goes deeper than others to help you truly understand the complete, and complex, customer journey. Starting with an understanding of human needs, motivations and behaviors, We focus on putting the customer at the center of your business.

From there, we incorporate not only their inner journey–what they are actually experiencing and feeling–but also how that ties to their context (physical, geographic, social) and their outer journey or touch points–both obvious and obscure–with your business.

The result is a Journey Map that clearly identifies the highest friction points and opportunities for maximum business impact, allowing us to more accurately identify the right solutions and path forward.

Focused on customers; employees; or, both: We can quickly and easily put together a targeted engagement that will provide clarity and insight in just a few short weeks.


“Journey maps combined with analytics allow CX professionals to articulate clear return–on–investment arguments and incorporate storytelling techniques that help stakeholders feel empathy for what customers go through.”

Customer Journey Mapping: What Is It For?

Forrester Research, Inc. | April 24, 2012


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